About us

3 ST is a fully private company with many years of experience in the production of motor and industrial oils, located in Skopje. The company was founded in 1991 with limited opportunities, so as to become today the largest production company in the Republic of Macedonia, with a capacity of 20 000 tons of final products annually. The head office of the company and its largest capacity are located in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, while its products are available on many markets in the region.

The 3 ST team is constantly creating values that will positively affect the quality, efficiency, reliability and safety of its products, while developing its values by continuously creating and maintaining good relations with all its partners and customers. 3 ST takes care of each and every costumer in time to be provided with high grade products, as well as providing adequate professional assistance, with greater safety and competition than any similar company in this region.

The product range includes many types of products, i.e. oils, intended for different types of uses. The current production capacities are semi-automated and fully automated, as well as the filler for different types of packages. The excellent internal organization enables quick and efficient adaptation to our costumers` needs and wishes.

The company is completely designed and equipped for high grade carrying out of activity with possibility of increasing of the current production and sale.

Our experience, knowledge, the highly professional team, the international network of suppliers and the integrated quality control system at all stages of the production process is a guarantee for the quality of our products. 3 ST is a member of ATIEL (The technical association of the European lubricants industry) и UEIL (the Union of the European Lubricants industry).

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