The laboratory for analysis of motor and industrial oils, within the 3 ST, has been successfully operating from the very foundation of the company. The laboratory of 3 ST is a vital, integral part of the global system for quality assurance of the products. The successful functioning of this laboratory includes series of activities with main purpose to provide completely controlled, safe and standard quality on each final product of 3 ST, according to the contemporary requirements of the high international standards of this domain. The laboratory performs analyses, such as density, kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, total base number (TBN), refractive index, flash point, boiling point, freezing point etc. of different types of motor and industrial oils, additives, oils for the agricultural purposes, antifreeze etc.

The laboratory has modern and sophisticated equipment from reputable manufacturers and is continuously investing into new apparatus/instruments, in order to satisfy the great number and sophistication of activities imposed as an inevitable necessity for the company improvement and progress.

The team of reputable professionals who continuously improve their knowledge in the direction of integration into the new world trends in the field of motor oil industry, is responsible for the successful functioning of the laboratory.

This way, the laboratory of 3 ST has been successfully performing its activity for many years and is continuously working on its improvement and raising the level of services it offers. It is currently in the process of accreditation.

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